Welcome to The Podcast Studio

Podcasting came about with the creation of the iPod. And the idea of podcasting was the subject of broadcasting directly to the iPod. By sending out radio programs and special recordings to the iPod regularly through apple iTunes updates it became possible for hosts, celebrities and even amateurs to create their own regular subscription-based shows. Podcasting has grown considerably over time and now the iTunes marketplace is filled with thousands of different options as far as podcasts to subscribe to. With new podcasts being added every day from both amateurs as well as professional hosts, you could subscribe to podcasts on almost any type of subject matter.

Most podcasts are uploaded in MP3 format. This is a compressed audio format that still retains a fairly high quality. Most of the time this is the type of format that you will rip CDs to your computer or even download digital files of albums on. Because MP3 format is so widespread and potentially incompatible with different devices, it still remains the most popular for podcasting.