Podcasts are becoming more and more popular and are growing like…well you name your preferred metaphor.

Incredibly, figures are showing that in the UK 34 million hours of podcasts are listened through headphones every week!

That’s a lot of hours of podcast listening and it seems that most people are listening to their podcasts via their smartphones with 68% of podcasts consumed. Laptop podcast listening was the next most popular podcast listening method with 21% of users favouring their laptop as a podcast streaming device.
Listening to podcasts on laptops is followed by podcast audiences listening to podcasts on their tablets at 13%. Podcast listening on portable music players comes in as the favourite way to listen to podcasts for 10% of listeners. Interestingly smart speakers are starting to catch on as a way for people to get their favourite podcast fix with two percent of podcast audiences coming through internet-connected gadgets like Amazon Echo, Sonos, Apple HomePod and others.

it seems that podcasts are here to stay. Not surprisingly with 34 million hours of podcasts being listened to every week in the UK it’s no wonder that companies, politicians, charities and clubs are using podcasts as a way to inform, entertain and communicate with their customers, clients, audiences and voters.

Have you ever thought of adding podcasts into your client’s (or your own company’s) marketing mix but don’t know where to start?
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Source: RAJAR Summer 2019 Measurement of Internet Delivered Audio Services report

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