Podcasts are becoming an extremely important medium as well as a popular way to reach people online. If you have never listened to a podcast or ever considered recording a podcast, you may be interested to know what they are and how you could potentially use them in business, to help your local community or even…just using podcasts to discuss your favourite hobbies!

A complicated geeky tech-speak thingy is at the heart of podcasting; namely RSS forms

And no, don’t worry you won’t have to get to grips with how R(eally) S(imple) S(yndication) or RSS actually works. We at The Podcast Studio can help you with that.

Let’s say that we wanted our Yummy Scrummy Cupcakes podcast followers to know when a new scrummy podcast is available. By using RSS, we can update our followers almost seamlessly. You’re your choice of various apps, plugins and devices can follow every update to your podcast…automatically.
Then, the clever bit comes along as your kit or app downloads the podcast automatically so that you can listen to the scrummy cup cake making tips at your leisure.

So, as a marketer or business owner, can you see that podcasts are a little bit different then downloading music or renting movies online?
This is mainly because once subscribed, your listeners can be instantly alerted to your new content which has already been downloaded and is ready to be listened to.

Get in touch with us at The Podcast Studio to find out how to make your podcast reach your fans and audiences. We’ll help with everything from the geeky end to the shiny broadcast end.
Stay tuned for our next mini podcast.

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